Sprocket for your home.

Is your phone company offering a low price for three months with a big surprise afterward? Sprocket helps you manage your home phone and internet costs with honest pricing. Your home Internet and Telephone services have one, predictable flat rate every month. Sprocket is an affordable internet service provider.

Sprocket for your business.

Sprocket makes it easy for your business to switch. Did you know that our monthly service fee includes a new phone system? Give us a chance to find savings for you. Sprocket will review your current phone and Internet bills at no charge.

Sprocket for your Community.

Sprocket is locally owned and involved in our community, helping to make it better for everyone. We believe that Local Businesses are Sustainable Businesses. When you spend $1.00 with a local business, $0.73 stays in the local economy, helping our families and schools prosper.